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2020 Rebels Rugby Program

There is a lot going on in preparation for the 2020 season. Here is a high level look at the new Rugby Program for 2020 with a focus on developing a strong "One Club" foundation.

Off Season

  • Super Rugby Equivalent Development Program (REDS - Colts & SEDS - Grade)
  • Enhanced Life Skills Programs

Facilities & Resources

  • Enhanced Training Resources & Venues
  • New Rebels Rugby War Room – Coaching Theatre
  • New performance systems & processes
  • Enhanced Sports Science Program with University of Wollongong

Skills & Training

  • New Training Model – Tactical Periodisation - Accelerated Skills Program 
  • New Club Playing Frameworks – Game Model
  • New Skills Coaching Program

New Coaching Team Model

  • All Club Training Challenges & Games
  • All Club Training Block Every Week
  • All Club Set Piece Training Night

Player Focus

  • Enhanced Player Driven Leadership Group/s
  • Enhanced Player Social Events & Injured Players Fund Raising

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