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Colts Update April 2019

The last of the 3 colts trials concluded on Saturday against Easts and we would like to thank to thank Norths , Illawarra and Easts for 3 excellent days of good hard rugby played in great spirit of the game. 

Trials are difficult days, you think you have everything organised and under control and worked out in your mind how the day will progress and then the day is wet or extremely hot Games are shifted players have to work.

So to successfully get through 3 trials is a credit to all involved. 

Again we took a beating with injuries and Redmond Oval has not been kind to us over the years with long term injury problems and we picked up another 2 shoulder dislocation injuries that I am aware and another 2 injuries that will keep the players on the sideline for 6 or so weeks plus our star centre Matt Lisser already out for the season with a bad ankle injury picked up in pre season training for the UK tour.  

Paul Bellamy our colts physio is already exhausted and the season has not even started. 

When a new season of Colts starting, you sort of put a tag on how you view the group as a whole and words such as classy, big, small, fast, skilful, get mentioned in discussion and after watching yesterday i would use the word “ resilient” to describe this years colts. They just did not give a stuff about playing a team full of Aust Schoolboys and high profile players and just ripped in and played the good Southern Districts style of rugby.

Tough, hard confrontational forward play that challenges the resilience for the battle in the opposition and then the backs capitalising on the opportunity this presented and getting a 3 tries all result but Souths kicking 1 conversion to nil was a great result. Easts are a very good team and probably played the better rugby but Souths played the tough moments better and did not give Easts the forward momentum needed to give their backs the room to play rugby. This was a very similar theme to the first trial v Norths where Norths grabbed the first 2 tries but Souths just did not stop coming at Norths in defence and attack and great work at the break down. They opened up the opportunities to the backs who grabbed the chances and allowed Souths to get the next 4 tries to nil. 

I said in an earlier report how pleasing it was to see the older players setting the standard in the training sessions and this was on display against Easts with Rory Lynch at 7 and Deon Evans at 13 having strong impact games and Jesse McKinnon having a good game at lock until he picked up his shoulder injury.

The coaching group under Jayson Jeordens are putting together a strong colts group with a great culture and its easy to play the flashy rugby and just throw the ball around but its not that easy to get into the arm wrestle against against a classy team like Easts and compete for 80 minutes and come out the other end in front of the score board which is a bonus. The fact you are starting show pride in your performance and your jumper is the achievement and sets up a great season.

I watched the First Grade game after Colts and to see James Wayland, Sama Malolo and Nathan Lawson starting in the forwards and Daniel Bell in the backs and a number of other recent colts players starting or coming on off the bench just reflects all the hard work by many. The support of the Colts program by the club is starting to reap its rewards and its more pleasing to see the players getting the opportunities they deserve for their efforts on and off the field and trusting the club to support and back their hard work. 

This week the season starts and the pressure goes up another 100% and we are now playing for points and the sheep station is on the line each week. It's been a very long off season and 5 months of training and nearly 10 months of preparation So much time and effort goes into putting a season together plus still working within the current season. So much is done behind the scenes by many people and now its let the games begin and first up is Wests the bruise bros. 

Bring it on, the bed will be made.

If anyone is interested to play colts rugby at Souths you are more than welcome, it's never too late. We have 3 grades so you will get plenty of game time and plenty of fun and some great footy.

Contact Keith Holmes 0413 819 345

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