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Colts Update Pre Eastwood

As i write this there are only two more sleeps till we take on the mighty Eastwood Rugby Club, who are sitting 2nd on the Colts Club Championship table. There is starting to be a very healthy and respectful rivalry between the two clubs and this only enhances the prospect of a good day's rugby.

Eastwood are coming off the back of a strong win over Randwick in 1st Grade Colts, whereas Souths weren't at their best in beating Wests 50-12. However there is no doubt that the challenge of playing 2nd-placed Eastwood will have the players itching to get on the field.

Earlier in the year 1st Grade put 40 points on Norths who were running second at the time, and then put 40 on Gordon who happened to be running second at that time, so will the curse of running second strike the Woodies?

3rd Grade need to keep the momentum going from last week and keep the faith in their phase play and the points will look after themselves. Souths have a strong pack of forwards and they need to stand up and keep getting over the gain line and then release the backs and put Eastwood under the pump and the points will flow; but they also need to attack in defence and put Eastwood under pressure. Its going to be a good game, and it could come down to how the bench players go when they come on to bring home the victory. I would suggest this game is worth getting down early to watch and cheer on the boys - we really need them to set a high standard for 2nd and 1st Grade to follow.

2nd Grade is pretty simple to me - Souths defence v Eastwoods attack. We know Souths can score plenty of points but the defence will be the key to victory or defeat. If Souths push up hard and fast in defence for 70 minutes then they win - its that simple, but easier said than done. Hopefully for the coaches, Chris Storey and Mick Mick's health, the great wall of Forshaw is up all game.

1st Grade will no doubt be a tough game, with plenty of passion and commitment and as with the 3rd Grade and 2nd Grade games, both clubs will be playing for pride in their jumper, so tension will be high and the winner could be decided in the first 10 minutes. The team that settles into their team structure first will take control, and a winning score could be put on the board very early in the game. Having watched Eastwood over many years, there is no better club at using the inside ball and they will do it all game looking for the lazy inside defender, so our guys have to stay in the game even once the ball passes them.

Last week against Wests we gave the ball back many times when we were on attack, and if we do that against Eastwood we won't see the ball for another 5 minutes, so kicking has to be astute and thoughtful, and the chasers need to go hard and communicate well.

So with three games on Saturday, it'll be interesting to see who will get to sing their club song the most. Will we hear "Those magnificent men in their flying machine" or "hey we want some......."

It'd be great if we can get as many supporters as possible to Fort Forshaw. The coaches have spoken many times about playing at home and the responsibility and desire to play good rugby in front of the Souths Colts supporters, who are the best and loudest in Sydney. 1st Grade Colts are undefeated at Fort Forshaw this season, and no doubt if the scores are close with 10 minutes to go, the supporters will get the team home.

There's nothing better than sitting on the verandah enjoying a 'best in rugby' hamburger and a drink and watching the 3 Souths Colts teams playing good rugby!

Only 2 more sleeps!
Keith Holmes

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