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Colts Update Vs Woodies

This week starts the shortened second round of seven games leading up to the finals, and as they say in race calling, "they've rounded the bend and are at the top of the home straight!". While the metaphorical whips haven't been pulled out yet, the jockeying for positions on the competition ladder is paramount, and now the games really begin.

This week we cross the bridge, or go through the tunnel, and head for TG Millner Field to take on the well-performing Eastwood Club. It's a massive round for both Colts and Grade, and we wish the seniors good hunting at Fort Forshaw. 

The Colts boys have been looking forward to this round after Eastwood were convincing winners in the 3rd Grade and 1st Grade fixtures in the first round, with only 2nd Grade registering a win, putting in a gutsy defensive effort in the last 10 minutes to get a two-point victory. 

Having played Eastwood already, there should be no surprises about how they play, and what their strengths and weaknesses are, and in all three grades we just have to concentrate on our game and the players' roles within the game structures, and if we do that, and push up hard and fast in defence with total commitment, we'll get the wins. Its not rocket science to figure out that driving home and paying the tolls is more fun with a victory under your belt, and pride in your heart from what you've achieved. 

Eastwood will be very tough - they're a good club to play against, because they play hard and (relatively) fair, and they like to throw the ball around and try to play attacking rugby. However, I believe that the more they throw the ball around, the worse they get, because they tend to move away from their very good pick and drive, multiple phase and inside passing game, and lose their structure going for the dazzle-dazzle stuff. 

I said before the first round clash that if you allow Eastwood to have the ball, you won't see it for five minutes, and so ball security is the key in all of our games. No dropped ball, and no Wallabies-style, aimless kicking. Hopefully the track will be hard and fast, and our guys all make their beds, because we can't have one player short on focus and commitment. 

Lastly, I want to say 'All the best!' to Brandon Kemp who was assaulted with a coward punch last Saturday night and has to have surgery to fix up some broken bones in his cheek and eye socket. Good luck, Kempy, and we hope to see you down at Forshaw in the near future. There's always a spot for you in our team of hydration specialists, or on the mathematically-challenged scoreboard squad, who are struggling!

Bring on the Woodies!!

Keith Holmes

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