Dan Ward says thanks!

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Dan Ward says thanks!

To Craig Hawkings and the Southern Districts Rugby Club committee

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to travel to Driffield. I gained invaluable life experiences that I would never have been able to without your assistance.

The social side of the club and living in Driffield was fantastic. One night at the club which I particularly enjoyed was Driffield’s got talent (which Damo, myself and a couple of the lads won).

The community atmosphere at the club was great. We had dinner with the team after each training session and game. Everyone was amazingly hospitable and the generosity shown to me by everyone, especially Andrew Kitching and Andrew Chapman, really made me feel like a part of the community.

The “lads” were great and I made some very good friends in my time there. The house Damo and I lived in was always full of the rugby boys and we had some great times there.

Although weather and injury limited the amount of rugby I played, I really enjoyed the games I did play. The style of rugby was very different. They play a much slower, forwards oriented game and it was a great experience to play a different way to what I am used to as well as to be introduced to mens rugby.

Playing in freezing conditions is something very different to what I’m used to as well. The last game I played, the field was covered in snow!

The away games were also a great opportunity to see different parts of England and I was lucky enough to do a bit of travelling while I was there, going to Paris, Edinburgh, London and York.

My time in Driffield was a unique once in a lifetime experience which I would never have had been afforded without the generosity of Harry Peters, Andrew Kitching, Southern Districts and Driffield Rugby Club.

For that I will always be grateful.

Thank you very much for making this trip happen.

Dan Ward

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