General meeting

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General meeting

Notice is hereby given of a General meeting of the members of the Southern Districts Rugby club.

When Wednesday 18th March 2015

Where Club rooms of the Southern Districts Rugby Club

Time 7.30pm


Item 1 Welcome

Item 2 SDRC board to provide a report on activities since November 2014

Item 3 SDRC to provide and update on club rugby - season 2015

Item 4 SDRC to provide a financial overview - mid term report

Item 5 Notice of Motion Background Following the AGM last November it was agreed by the board that it required a Treasurer with accounting qualifications. It was resolved to approach the unsuccessful candidate Peter Lanham to see if he would agree to be responsible for the Financial Portfolio, filling the role of Treasurer. Peter kindly agreed to be the Treasurer. Peter would now like to be a full member of the board with equal status to the other 11 members. Section 8.1 of the Club’s Articles of Association states the maximum number of directors is to be eleven. Section 8.6 allows this number to be varied by an ordinary motion at a general meeting. It is proposed to increase the maximum number of directors to 12 until the next AGM. The vacancy been filled by the appointment of Peter Lanham. At the next AGM the number of directors would revert to eleven. Motion The maximum number of directors appointed until the next Annual General Meeting be increased to twelve and Peter Lanham be appointed as a director responsible for the financial portfolio, filling the role of Treasurer. Moved Harry Peters Seconded Brendan Tynan-Davey

Item 6 SDRC board to answer any question.

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