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Head Coach Update - Oct 30

Hi players, coaches and the Rebel community,

Off-season training started last week with an unprecedented number of players participating in ‘O’ Week and experiencing the new All Club - Player Development Program

A key focus for the club this off-season is ensuring that all players have a strong development period and base, prior to the season, which will only strengthen the entire club and make rugby in 2020 much more enjoyable.

Traditionally the off-season is predominantly for strength and conditioning which has equated to endless running and gym sessions. However, this season, a modern and increased sports science program has been installed. It has been designed to accelerate the players technical and tactical skills at the same time as developing the players rugby specific athletic ability.

The motto is "We don’t play rugby to train we train to play better and more enjoyable rugby"

By far, the biggest shock for the players is the quick arrival of ball in hand, game base contact training. We are also already packing scrums and creating strong lineout structures

Other key features of the new player development program are the

  • Game play specific training
  • Game play specific conditioning
  • Professional level player care and monitoring 
  • Professional level player physical screening and testing
  • Player specific skills development
  • A strong focus on developing players performance habits and standards
  • Life skills program 
  • Nutritional Performance – with the best in the business Susie Burrell

A lot of work has been completed to have such a quality player program up and running. Our very strong 2020 coaching team has been working hard, leading the way and showing great commitment with their participation in numerous workshops and planning meetings.

Jarryd Knapp is overseeing the athletic performance development of the players in 2020. Jarryd is new to the club, boasts an impressive CV, currently works for New South Wales Academy of Sport and has also worked with the NSW Blues Origin team for a number of years. Jarryd’s is already proving he is a great asset to the club.

Carl Sledge is back again and assisting Jarryd with the strength and conditioning. Carl is extremely motivated and invested in the club and has been training a number of players during the break.

Denny Godinet is assisting the colts strength and conditioning development in 2020 as well as playing grade. Denny has a real passion for developing people and just shows how much of a great clubman Denny is.


Each week the Coaches & Managers identify and announce the following awards in recognition of the players shaking and moving in training each week. This will be sent out each week.


  • Dan Bell = Best Tactically
  • Blake Schoupp = Best Application / Trainer / Consistency
  • Chris Kagiassis = Team-man of the Week
  • Dylan Valeni = Most Improved
  • Pat Kuenzle = Beast Competitor
  • Solomon Faingaa = Grade Player to Watch
  • Bryce Rue = Colts Player to Watch

All training sessions are open to anyone to come down and view, or participate so don’t be shy

f you have some spare time and want to help out ,we would love your help, as we are still looking for a couple of Managers (and it doesn’t have to be a big commitment).

Many hands make light work.

Todd Louden

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