Round 7 Colts Vs Parramatta Roundup

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Round 7 Colts Vs Parramatta Roundup

The weekend's games v Parramatta were going to a be 3 games of good rugby and sheer frustration and the day did not disappoint. We were hoping for some rain and looks like the people who were doing the rain dances were dancing to Barry Manilow music because nothing happened.

3rds started out on fire and jumped to a 19 nil lead and who would have thought that by the end of the game we would be waiting for a shot at goal to see if we were going to win 19- 17 or have a 19 all draw.

The wheels fell off a bit in the 2nd half and we made too many mistakes and just didn't play good footy. We were winning yet we were playing like we needed to score a couple of tries to win and went away from our structured play and didn't work through the phases. We got the win we needed to keep the momentum going and there are plenty of games where you won't be at your best and these are the games you take the win and move onto the following week and it's a sign off a good side where you can get a win when not playing well. No doubt Matt Lewis will go through the game tape and will have the boys ready for this Saturday.

Paramatta are such a tough team to beat at 3rd colts level because of the unpredictability and size and power and I often think that there disorganization on the field is there strength. So many times I have seen a situation where a winger makes a break and beats the fullback and gets tackled by a prop who should not be there but is because he is having a rest. You do a move in the backs and it doesn't work because there fullback and winger are standing in the wrong spots for there position in that situation It's the unorthodox of Parramatta rugby that brings the biggest challenges.

2nds like 3rds jumped to a good lead of 14 nil and played some good rugby and the first 20 minutes was precise rugby but from there until the final 10 minutes of the game they lost there way and at one stage I thought we were going to get 50 put on us. The level of commitment to defense was getting very poor and in this period Parramatta put on 31 points to lead 31 to 14 and then with 10 minutes to go Souths decided to get back into the game and hit back with 2 converted tries and with 2 minutes on the clock we were behind 31 to 28 and Parramatta were looking shaky.

We were unable to grab the last try needed to win and Parramatta held on for a 31 to 28 win. One of the big challenges for coaches of colts rugby is you don't have senior players, you don't have those 100+ game players who can step up and know how to deal with a game situation. Parramatta had a lot of momentum going in the game. They were getting on top and everything they were trying was coming off our heads were dropping and we really needed to slow the game right down, play field position and kick a lot of balls out of play and take all the momentum out of the game until the momentum switches but when you have 15 players who are 18 to 20 and when things start going wrong there attitude is to try and go harder and faster which is what colts rugby is about and the game on Saturday is how you get experience of game situations. I know the coaches and players were shattered by the result but we are 33% of the way through the season and just outside of the 6 and at that point where we can lay day and wither away and become also-rans in the comp or dust ourselves off and get ready for this Saturdays game. You cannot win at 2nd colts level without doing the hard work during the week. I see guys trying things in a game and I think to myself what makes a player think he can do that in a game when I never see him practice that at training or get to training early and do extras on the skill needed to that.

I was lucky enough to be playing club rugby with David Campese and I would watch him in a game where he would run at full pace and pick up a stationary ball one handed which is extremely difficult thing to do but I would see him at training practicing this 50 times a week to do it once every 2 games.

So my point is that the guys need to get to training and do extras and practice there skills, some players do this which is great but I feel the guys in 2nds are not doing this enough.

1sts needed to win on Saturday to build on the good win the previous week against Eastwood and to build momentum for some very tough games coming up against the 3 top sides. All clubs have struggled to beat Parramatta and we knew this was a potential disaster game for us We had to match there physicality or we would be in all sorts of trouble and this was not just in the forwards but more so in the backs and we have strong centers in Franky and Wiiliam so the Parramatta boys were running at our 10, Brock Hammond who had without doubt his best defensive game for the club.

Parramatta ran plenty at him and he tackled everything and I am sure he slept well Saturday night and will be complaining of sore shoulders during the week which is rare for a 10. Parramatta jumped to a 5 nil lead early and for the next 70 minutes they could not get another try. Our defense and attitude was rock solid and we controlled the game quite well. The Parramatta scrum has been dominant with Jordan there very big LH prop dominating but Lachlan King did a great job marking him in the scrum and all the work put into our scrums since day one of training paid of with the backs being able to play of some solid scrums which had a huge impact in the game especially being able to get some good clearing kicks away when under field position pressure.

The guys were able to play at a high tempo and we were getting excellent field position all game and whilst Teo had a mix day with penalty shots it send a loud clear message to Parramatta do not try and kill the ball when we are on attack or get off side as well take the 3 points and this enabled us to keep the pace and pressure on all game and it is no surprise we scored 2 tries in the last 5 minutes to get the 4 try bonus point.

The win was off the back of some resolute defense and Paramatta are a good side and were constantly going 10 or 15 phases and we backed ourselves and each other in defense and didn't give away stupid penalties and just waited for our opportunities so a very good win and the boys sang the song very loud and very proud in a packed dressing room but it's over and now we get ready for Gordon at Chatswood oval Gordon are currently 2nd on the colts club Championship table so it's going to be a tough, tough day in many ways but we will be well prepared in all 3 grades and looking forward to game day.

Lastly, I would like to send out a big Rebel Yell to to 5 ball boys (Cam & Blayne from Sylvania and Sam, Caleb & Seb from Burraneer) who helped out on Saturday. Fantastic job by these boys with no lost footies (normally I am good for 1 or 2 lost balls each home game). Thank you guys for your help and saving me a "please explain" I get on how we lost some footballs. Hope to see you next home game.

Well done
Keith Holmes

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