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So what's this Colts foundation?

You may have noticed on Facebook and on the home page of the website there are messages relating to a "Colts High Performance Program". Even though it is fairly early in the process, we just thought we would explain it a bit further so everyone knows roughly what it is, roughly why we are doing it and roughly how it will work.

The Foundation Structure

Like many clubs of all sizes across Australia, the cost and governance of establishing your own foundation can be excessive. The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) was established by the Federal Government in 1986 to help individuals and organisations, raise funds through tax deductible donations by individuals. The ASF take the stress out of managing the paper work. They process your online and offline donations, ensure the funds are properly used by us and provide heaps of support via a dedicated Sports Partnership Manage so we can remain focused on fundraising.


We are very conscious of not only the resources required to make this a success but also the need to keep it independent from the Rugby Club. This happens not only by utilising the governance process within the ASF but by having an agile and seperate committee of passionate volunteers who can build on the initial strategy, drive the awareness, drive the the fundraising, report into the club board and work across the district community. We have fielded a number of calls from people willing to get involved. Once this in finalised, we will make it known. (Please call the club if you are interested in volunteering. There is still plenty of room).


Put as simply as we can at the moment, the goal is to raise significant and sustainable funds to support the development of our Southern Districts Colts. In turn, this will feed up into the grade pool and create a very strong and aspirational pathway for juniors. This goal will expand and feed into tactics that will be driven by the foundation committee. More to come.


Put as simply as we can at the moment, through the foundation funding, we will establish a Colts Rugby Program that will build a strong platform for the future. We seek to professionalise the development, management, attraction and retention of colts. Yes, we need to create the program (there has been plenty of work done in this space to date), yes we need to hire resources, yes there is a lot to do. More to come.

Honestly, there are probably gaps in the information above. But our intent is real. It must be fiercely independent, sustainable and strong. 

Please contact the club if you have any feedback or wish to help.

Another note of importance. We have also established a Womens Foundation with the ASF and will expand on that more as we start finding interested people.

You can read more about the Colts foundation project here.

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