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Survey Responses and Winner!

As many of you should know, we ran a survey and invited our members and supporters to give us feedback.

The sheer number of entries was astounding and thanks to all those who filled it out.

The results also told us that we are heading in the right direction with our food and beverage thinking and that McLeish Estate Wines are well known as our preferred wine supplier at the club (and have been for many many years)


Congratulations to Andrew Camfield who has won a $100 merchandise voucher to spend in 2018.
His name was drawn at random from the survey respondents.

Here are the top answers

When at a home game, what beverage is your preference?
70% Beer (Big Winner)
10% Non Alcoholic
6% Wine
6% Coffee

When at a home game, what food would you love to eat?
Rebel Burger (Big Winner)
Loftus Pie/Sausage Roll
Hot Chips
Pulled Pork/Brisket Roll
Roast Meat on Roll

If you were to choose a tap beer, what would you prefer?
33% Lagers e.t.c
30% Craft Beer (on the rise)
22% Mid Strength

If you were to choose a canned beer, what would you prefer?
30% Lagers etc
25% Mid Strength (on the rise)
18% Craft
18% No Thanks

If you were to choose a wine, what would you prefer?
25% none thanks
14% Shiraz
14% Sem Sauv Blanc
9% Cab Sauv

Would you like to see a food truck inside at every home game?
60% Sounds Cool
40% Not Really

Would you stay for a meal if we offered a great pub style menu after each home game?
81% Yes, I would like the option
19% No, Not Likely

What sole brand of wine do we sell at the Club
90% McLeish Estate

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